In the late 2000’s Box Hill Institute staff were converting their cassettes to CD when they stumbled across a strange cassette along with a Polaroid. All that was written in the inside cover was; ‘Saltman – Lessons in Suburban Life & Death’. Staff were intrigued to find out that ‘Saltman’ was never registered as a teacher and none of his students can be traced. The only reference on the recording is to an ex teacher, Chris Gafney who retired in 1999. Chris was contacted and only recalls sighting a tall blonde man loitering on the top floor of the Whitehorse road campus late at night talking to 3-4 Indonesian students, assuming he was either a cleaner or cheap security guard.

All that’s left are these bizarre recordings, a man who is clearly living on the edge of the night and is heading towards insanity. His lessons are not only disturbing but enthralling and historical, giving us a glimpse into a lost world of the eastern suburbs.

He is Saltman.


DOWNLOAD HERE  (Not available via mobile devices)


Svalbard Mixtape album cover



  1. The First Daffodils – Bibio
  2. Wanderlust – Wild Beasts
  3. Balance – Future Islands
  4. Jealous Sun – The Horrors
  5. Trembling Blue Stars – Duelectrum
  6. This Time – Lsd and the Search for God
  7. More Alone (Album Version) – Tropic of Cancer
  8. Hang on to Life – Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht
  9. Too Many People – Wizard Woes
  10. Girl – Jamie xx
  11. Still Sleeping – Chrome Sparks
  12. Quantized Field Theory – Raymond ScottWalker
  13. Birthday Grooves – Persona La Ave
  14. Jon Benet – 18 Carat Affair
  15. Crest (Original Mix) – Suzanne Kraft
  16. Foliage – Stephen Farris


Here are some brand new, one is more electronic and the other more guitar-ish. Couldn’t upload to soundcloud but you can listen in links below, Enjoy!

Dusk 1: Urban – More synth, electronic pop
Dusk 2: Suburban – More guitar, indie pop and shoegaze

Dusk Mixtape Urban

Dusk 1: Urban
1. Subsonic – Com Truise
2. Klapp Klapp – Little Dragon
3. Helvetica Calcium – Datassette
4. I Can’t Wait – Lace Curtain
5. That Feeling – Diana
6. Lines of Latitude (Feat. Frankie Rose) – Small Black
7. Lonely Eyes – 18 Carat Affair
8. Hold My Love – Sex on Toast
9. Chamber of Reflection – Mac Demarco
10. A Present To Yu (Cola Kid edit) – Persona La Ave
11. rushH – Yolke
12. Uptown Boogz (Feat. Ben Jamin) – Prof.Logik
13. Lumi-Walks – Kellua
14. Reset Head – Seekae


Dusk Mixtape Suburban
Dusk 2: Suburban
1. Passing Out Pieces – Mac Demarco
2. Called to Ring (Feat. Ariel Pink) – Jorge Elbrose
3. I Fell In Debt To Those Country Crooners – Parquet Courts
4. Forgiven/Forgotten – Angel Olsen
5. Cape Carnivorous – Moon Dice
6. I’m the Man, That Will Find You – Connan Mockasin
7. Ivy Covered House – Ducktails
8. Nico Beast – Ex Cops
9. Talking Backwards – Real Estate
10. Autumn Sky – Ether Teeth
11. Syrup/Golden Rings – Yolke
12. Night In The Ocean – Young Magic
13. In Reverse – The War on Drugs



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