1. Borderline – Yuko Yuko
  2. Give It Up – Hawaiian Gremlins
  3. Contrast – Drum Machine
  4. Strong Love – Gap Dream
  5. Nausea – Craft Spells
  6. Treat Her Better – Mac DeMarco
  7. Lipstick – Ariel Pink
  8. Infinity Street – Sui Zhen
  9. What Happened To Us? – GL
  10. She Dances – Persona La Ave
  11. Born Again – DIANA
  12. Topia – This Will Destroy You
  13. It’s Been So Long – TOY
  14. Tense – Yolke
  15. Kampuchea – Sniper Nose
  16. Same Places (Slow Version) – Belong

Saltman - Night Hawk

G’day Platypus Rippers, the Great White Labrador is back with another disturbing yet intriguing album. Some time ago we discovered an old cassette by this strange beast called ‘Saltman’. You can download his first cassette here. SInce the discovery and release of his first cassette, the internet has been alight with intrigue, fear and excitement around this Rock n Roll Lizard of Oz.

This second cassette was found in the back of a burnt out truck in the back blocks of Lower Keetswood. In this recording, Saltman begins his recordings with snippets of news reports, followed by answering machine messages from his ‘War Husband’ Fuzzburn, then continues to him driving around the lonely streets of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne wreaking havoc. In the Part 1 it is clear that he is under the influence of something as his vehicle roars through the streets of Mont Albert in recession ridden Melbourne as he appears to be causing explosions under train bridges. In the other tracks, he talks about his infamous trip to Copenhagen circa 89′, does a drive by at an underage nightclub and unsuccessfully tries to sue Whitehorse Plaza. It’s a depressing yet adrenalin fuelled wild ride with the midnight madman, but one worth taking.

This album picks up from track 2 onwards but continues to confuse and shock me with delight, I would’ve heard this this at least 50 times by now. Check it out.



Sniper Nose is an experimental / guitar / ambient outfit (Cola Kid & Nicky Mecks) based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2014, they released their debut EP ‘New Cold War’ later year.

New Cold War is a synthetic, visionary travelogue which sets a soundscape to a fictionalised autobiography. Each track corresponds to a video.

Watch the videos here:

The Rules of Sniper Nose :

1. Every sound is visualised through an accretion of collected and layered images.

2. Work must be produced with speed, spontaneous & responsive to one’s immediate environment.

3. All sounds & images are processed, distorted, layered, manipulated, synthesised & sampled.

Sniper Nose have been influenced by:

Swervedriver, Gruff Rhys of SFA, Yolke, Belong.

Sound: Shoegaze, Psychedelic dirge, Post-Punk electronic, Ambient-drone.


Listen on Bandcamp

Zip File (Includes cover art)

Idle Summer



  1. Philadelphia Raga – Peter Matthew Bauer (2014)
  2. Put Your Number In My Phone – Ariel Pink (2014)
  3. Yearbook – Dripping Wet (2014)
  4. Brother – Mac DeMarco (2014)
  5. Gruesome Castle – The Wake (1987)
  6. No Joy – Last Boss (2013)
  7. While you’re sleeping I’m dreaming – Tamaryn (2012)
  8. Easy – Yolke (2014)
  9. Starting Over – Lsd and the Search for God (2006)
  10. Pencil Test – Yo La Tengo (1996)
  11. Sugar – My Bloody Valentine (1989)
  12. I’ll take tomorrow – Moose (1991)
  13. CHKN – Ashrae Fax (2014)
  14. Dub Wound – Swervedriver (2013)
  15. Younger Than Yesterday – Real Estate (2013)
  16. On the Beach – Lower Plenty (2014)
  17. I Promise… Things Are Gonna Get Better – Vietnam (2012)
  18. My Clown – Belong (2008)

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