Sniper Nose is an experimental / guitar / ambient outfit (Cola Kid & Nicky Mecks) based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2014, they released their debut EP ‘New Cold War’ later year.

New Cold War is a synthetic, visionary travelogue which sets a soundscape to a fictionalised autobiography. Each track corresponds to a video.

Watch the videos here:


The Rules of Sniper Nose :

1. Every sound is visualised through an accretion of collected and layered images.

2. Work must be produced with speed, spontaneous & responsive to one’s immediate environment.

3. All sounds & images are processed, distorted, layered, manipulated, synthesised & sampled.

Sniper Nose have been influenced by:

Swervedriver, Gruff Rhys of SFA, Yolke, Belong.

Sound: Shoegaze, Psychedelic dirge, Post-Punk electronic, Ambient-drone.


Listen on Bandcamp

Zip File (Includes cover art)

Idle Summer



  1. Philadelphia Raga – Peter Matthew Bauer (2014)
  2. Put Your Number In My Phone – Ariel Pink (2014)
  3. Yearbook – Dripping Wet (2014)
  4. Brother – Mac DeMarco (2014)
  5. Gruesome Castle – The Wake (1987)
  6. No Joy – Last Boss (2013)
  7. While you’re sleeping I’m dreaming – Tamaryn (2012)
  8. Easy – Yolke (2014)
  9. Starting Over – Lsd and the Search for God (2006)
  10. Pencil Test – Yo La Tengo (1996)
  11. Sugar – My Bloody Valentine (1989)
  12. I’ll take tomorrow – Moose (1991)
  13. CHKN – Ashrae Fax (2014)
  14. Dub Wound – Swervedriver (2013)
  15. Younger Than Yesterday – Real Estate (2013)
  16. On the Beach – Lower Plenty (2014)
  17. I Promise… Things Are Gonna Get Better – Vietnam (2012)
  18. My Clown – Belong (2008)


In the late 2000’s Box Hill Institute staff were converting their cassettes to CD when they stumbled across a strange cassette along with a Polaroid. All that was written in the inside cover was; ‘Saltman – Lessons in Suburban Life & Death’. Staff were intrigued to find out that ‘Saltman’ was never registered as a teacher and none of his students can be traced. The only reference on the recording is to an ex teacher, Chris Gafney who retired in 1999. Chris was contacted and only recalls sighting a tall blonde man loitering on the top floor of the Whitehorse road campus late at night talking to 3-4 Indonesian students, assuming he was either a cleaner or cheap security guard.

All that’s left are these bizarre recordings, a man who is clearly living on the edge of the night and is heading towards insanity. His lessons are not only disturbing but enthralling and historical, giving us a glimpse into a lost world of the eastern suburbs.

He is Saltman.


DOWNLOAD HERE  (Not available via mobile devices)



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